About Us

If you're new here, welcome to the Gymland family!

Our brand is all about encouraging you to unleash your power. That power we all have within and can use to build a better and stronger version of ourselves by living a healthy, active and fulfilling life. The power to make progress and glow up as we still appreciate the journey. The power to be patient with ourselves as we evolve.

Gymland means everything to us. We have put our positive energy, passion about fitness and hard work into this creation for the past 2 years. This brand is much more than only exceptional sportswear. Our sportswear clothing is designed to make you feel empowered at the gym while you are working towards your goals and at everyday life while you’re just chilling out with your friends. We are committed to great quality and we will make sure you never run out of style.

We hope that Gymland will inspire and encourage you to celebrate each step you take, believe in yourself and be your number one fan. Don’t wait until you have reached your goal to be proud of yourself. We are here to make you feel, believe and dress as if you’ve already got it! Celebrate every small achievement in life and enjoy your journey!

Yours truly,

Nessa and Tom